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Drawing tutorial : Drawing on swachh bharat | clean india drawing [creative ideas]

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Please watch: “DIY CRAFT: How to make a christmas ball with old cards | christmas decorations | easiest method”


How To Knit part 2 Knit Stitch Casting Off

Created on February 11, 2012 using FlipShare.

This beaded bracelet looks intricate, but it is extremely easy to make. The beaded bracelet is also inexpensive to make, since all you need are seed beads and some pearl beads small size or other small seed beads. It looks stylish, stackable, and easy to customize to your perfect size. This is a very easy pattern to make in less than 1 hour . Follow this video tutorial and make a beautiful jewelry for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just for you or your friends .

Casting Off

How to cast off a knitted project

Casting off and weaving in; dish/wash cloth pattern

The final step of the dish/wash cloth pattern and instructions

Be prepared to be amazed at just how simple and affordable learning is to make basic beaded jewelry. My youtube channel about Beading Jewelry is your beading lesson for beginners’ learning easy patterns. This bracelet “Go Green bracelet”is the second one that i made by combining green color with white. The beading pattern is very easy to follow with simple beading technique.

How to Tunisian Crochet: Cast Off

This method can be used for most of the casting off stitches. This is showing how to cast off using the simple stitch method. If you have other types of stitches you wish to use, simply follow the advice and adjust yourself accordingly.

DIY creative ideas how to reuse plastic bottles PART 1
For more inspiration see:
PART 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1J8m4Ji7c0
PART 3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiZM0Pgh28g

1 Pencil case
2 Gift box
3 Turtle money box
4 How to separate yolk from the whites (life hack)
5 Apple box
6 Candlestick (only for decoration)
7 Pens and pencils holder
8 Phone holder
9 Organizer
10 Vase

Recycling, crafts, tutorial

fancynancy19801980’s webcam video July 11, 2011 05:32 PM

Learn how to make a simple and easy origami paper dress step by step.

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Passing Time by Kevin MacLeod.
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